What You Can Find in a Decent Private Office Space

Conducting a business during a pandemic is challenging, considering all the risks and protocols. The blended work arrangement helped companies to minimize their income loss by operating remotely. However, there are certain business operations that require face-to-face meetings. If your business is among those who cannot fully operate remotely but cannot use your old company building due to strict health protocols and capacity limits, you should consider renting a private office space. An excellent example of private office space with complete office amenities and sophisticated interior design is the private office space in Hong Kong. There are several things you should consider if you intend to rent a private office space.

Qualities of a Decent Private Office Space

If you are looking for a private office space you can rent during a pandemic, here are some of the most important things you should look for:

1. Work desks with dividers – A work desk with a divider is necessary to help your employees practice social distancing. A divider will minimize physical contact, making it safer for employees.

2. Portable sink – A portable sink will encourage your employees to maintain their hygiene through proper handwashing. With a portable sink inside the office, soap and water will be more accessible to employees, minimizing the risk of acquiring a virus

3. Proper ventilation – Proper ventilation is crucial to prevent viruses from droplets contaminating the office space. Fomites can stay on surfaces for up to 48 hours, making It dangerous for people to stay in rooms without proper ventilation.

4. Building maintenance – When renting a private office space, it is important to observe whether or not the building has proper maintenance. The maintenance staffs are important in keeping the building virus-free, especially the common areas like the lobby, halls, and elevators. Do not choose to rent in a building that no proper maintenance as the risk of acquiring a virus may be higher.

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